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VBENLEM Air Curtain with 2 Easy-Install Micro Switch 110V Unheated

VBENLEM Air Curtain with 2 Easy-Install Micro Switch 110V Unheated

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VBENLEM Air Curtain with 2 Easy-Install Micro Switch 110V Unheated

  • Description:

    Air curtain is a powerful fan that creates an invisible high-speed air barrier over the entrance to isolate the interior and exterior air environment and maintain temperature separation. It is energy-saving and helps to prevent the conditioned air escape to the exterior, and block the entry of flying insects, dust, hot/cold air and smokes.【Airflow Conversion】- The commercial air curtain, made of aluminum alloy material, leaves the conditioned air inside and avoids 90% of hot/cold air. 47.2"x8.7"x9.4" in dimensions.
  • 【2 SPEEDS AT LOW/OFF/HIGH SWITCH】- Two speeds are available for different usage scenarios. High speed: 891 CFM (power: 504W); Low speed: 772 CFM (power: 434W).
  • 【LARGE AIRFLOW & LOW NOISE】- Two powerful motors ensure the large airflow, featuring a one-piece wind deflector; the silent bearings allow the air curtain to be operated with low noise (<50 dB).
  • 【2 LIMIT SWITCHES INCLUDED】- 2 limit switches can be installed on the door, automatically turn on the air curtain when the door is open; turn off when the door is closed.
  • 【EASY INSTALLATION】- Come with an English manual. Mount the detachable mounting plate securely, hang the air curtain up, install the optional door switch, and connect to the dedicated two wires. This air curtain is suitable for the door with a height of 118" (3 m).
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