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Air Handler/Furnace Stand - Adjustable & Insulate(able)

Air Handler/Furnace Stand - Adjustable & Insulate(able)

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Air Handler/Furnace Stand - Adjustable & Insulate(able)

  • Description:

    The UniStand is a patented air handler/ furnace stand that is Fully Adjustable and Fully Insulate-able. A unique return air plenum that combines the versatility of an Adjustable Free Air Stand with the option to convert to an Positive Return Air Insulated Stand if needed. Simply adjust the UniStand to the desired dimensions, use a pocket knife to cut pieces of 1.5" R6 ductboard (Not Included), insert into channels, and tape. The Adjustable Insulated Stand that comes in a Box! **Patented** >Adjustable Width 14.5″ - 26.5″< >Fixed Depth 22″ / Fixed Height 20″< >Create Virtually any Size Insulated Stand in Minutes< >Extruded Aluminum Corners Accept R6 Ductboard Pieces< >Use scrap Ductboard and Save!< >All you need is a Pocket Knife!< >Comes in a Compact Box for Easy Handling< >Stronger than Traditional Insulated Stands< >Remove and Replace Damaged or Wet Ductboard< >Adjust Directly to Filter Housings for a Perfect Fit< >Use (2) Side by Side for an Easy, Uniform Side Return System< >Use Indefinitely< >Can ship UPS< >Weight: 10lbs **With the UniStand, you Always have the Right Size!Patented Aluminum Extrusion Corners
  • Insulate by inserting Ductboard into Channels (Not Included)
  • Accommodates Most HVAC Air Handler/ Furnaces
  • Use as a Free Air or Positive Return System
  • Ships Easy in a Compact Box
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