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Awoco FM-12 Power Quiet Indoor Air Curtain w/Remote Control and Magnetic Switch

Awoco FM-12 Power Quiet Indoor Air Curtain w/Remote Control and Magnetic Switch

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Awoco FM-12 Power Quiet Indoor Air Curtain w/Remote Control and Magnetic Switch

  • Description:

    Air curtain is a powerful fan that forcing a high speed air stream over the entrance to isolate the interior and exterior air environment. It consumes less energy than an air conditioner. Air curtains are widely installed at the entrances of supermarkets, theaters, hotels, food storage warehouses, residential, etc. It keeps the flying insects out and keeps conditioned air inside, reduces energy costs.

    The magnetic switch can be simply sticked to the middle of door and door frame, no bracket needed. Works easily with most doors and windows. Automatically turn on the air curtain with door open; shut off the air curtain with door close.

    This air curtain generates powerful air stream but running quiet. It is to keep the flying insects out, perfect for office, restaurant, donut shop or residential door entrance or drive-thru window.

    Summary: powerful air stream, small body, light weight, low noise level, remote control & magnetic switch.

    Magnetic switch: THIS AIR CURTAIN IS NOT AN AIR CONDITIONER, IT WON’T GENERATE COLD AND HOT AIR. This air curtain has an electrical-magnetic circuit control with a magnetic switch. The magnetic door switch installation is much easier than the traditional mechanical micro switch. No hard wired needed on the 12VDC low voltage magnetic switch. Remote Control Included.
  • Easy installation: 1) Mount the detachable mounting plate, then hang the air curtain up. 2) dedicated 2-wire for the magnetic switch connection. (Other brands might not have this.) 3) Detailed installation manual is included.
  • 2 speeds of operation: super powerful high speed at 1112 CFM, low speed at 874 CFM. A HI/LO/OFF switch and Remote Control to select High/Low speed. 110V-120V 60Hz. 140W Max, 90W Min, less power consumption than other industrial air curtains.
  • Motor: adopting the technology of German electrical machinery, it runs smoothly with reduced low noise. Optimized electrical machinery, reliable and safe runs for 5,000 consecutive hours. Fan wheels are made of high-tech ABS, powerful wind-force.
  • Overall size: 35-1/2” L x 7-3/4” D x 8-7/8” H. Weight: 22 LBS. Mounting plate size: 19-3/4” L x 7” H. 62” power cord with plug is included. 1 year manufacturer warranty. Fireproof and anti-erosive powder coated metal case, easy to clean slim body. CE Certified.
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