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KLIMAIRE D.I.Y Mini Split Inverter Heat Pump A/C System with Quick-Connect Installation Kit w/Wi-Fi

KLIMAIRE D.I.Y Mini Split Inverter Heat Pump A/C System with Quick-Connect Installation Kit w/Wi-Fi

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KLIMAIRE D.I.Y Mini Split Inverter Heat Pump A/C System with Quick-Connect Installation Kit w/Wi-Fi

  • Description:

    NEW KLIMAIRE DIY Do -It-Yourself is the latest series of ductless mini-split air conditioner - heat pump units. With the quick connect refrigerant line kit and its easy plug-in electrical interconnecting wires to install without requiring the use of special tools and staying away from ac technician which leads to costly installation fees. Klimaire Comfort-Wise Do it yourself mini-split unit is fully operational in all 4 seasons. System provides heating down to -13°F and cooling down to 5°F ambient temperature. It is backed with 7 years compressor and 5 years parts limited warranty.The NEW KLIMAIRE "Do-it-Yourself" Mini Split A/C Heat Pump system allows you to self-install the mini split quick, easy, and for less. Equipped with 25-ft of factory pre-charged refrigerant lines that do not require to be vacuumed for installation. Also includes interconnecting wire cable that easily plug-in without the use of custom tools for wiring. Great for home-owners who want to stay away from costly installation fees.
  • WHAT IS INCLUDED: KLIMAIRE BTU high-efficient SEER "DIY" mini split AC Indoor Unit, Outdoor unit, 25-ft quick-connect installation kit w/ accessories, easy plug-in 25-ft interconnecting wire cable, and Wall Mounting Bracket. Backed with 5 Year Part 7 Year Compressor Warranty.
  • Wi-Fi : Access comfort control features such as cooling and heating mode with your smartphone or tablet using the Smart Life App. The Golden Fins on the condenser provide to protect the coil from year-round corrosive ambient elements. Heating down to -13 °F & cooling 5°F.
  • INDOOR AIR QUALITY (IAQ): Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) with the Self-Clean feature that cleans the coil of the indoor unit to ensure a fresh and clean IAQ for the next operation. The washable and reusable plastic woven mesh filter has 2 tri-color Healthy Filters slotted in place to contribute to improving IAQ (see brochure).
  • i FEEL REMOTE CONTROL: When i Feel is activated the i Feel remote control has a built-in temperature sensor that senses the temperature at its location to cool or heat the user. It's like the DIY mini split is following you. Reduce indoor humidity with Dry Mode. The flexibility of mini splits to fit virtually in any application makes it a great option for your home, new room additions, server rooms, restaurants, remote offices, barbershops, options are everywhere.
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